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Welcome to Tenth Acre Farms! We are Brooklyn's newest addition to the NYC urban farming community. Started in Early 2009 by Jordan Hall, Bennett Wilson, and Adam Wilson, in Mr. Hall's backyard, we have now expanded to the abandoned basketball court at St. Cecilia's School at 215 Richardson St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Our goal is to provide the freshest, healthiest, and most beautiful vegetables to the residents of NYC. Not to mention that we take the idea of "locally grown" to its absolute extreme.

Our Methods. We grow all our vegetables using 100% organic methods. While we will never apply for the USDA certification, as it would unnecessarily raise the cost of our produce, we believe that the best food is produced using processes that only involve natural products. No chemical ever touches our farm!

Another unique method we use is "raised bed gardening." We do this for several reasons. Raised beds allow us to use REAL SOIL! Artificial "Soil Substitutes" do not allow for a healthy microbial and worm population, which is essential for a long term, sustainable, highly productive farm. Raised beds also mean that we never have to step on our soil. Roots of plants will spread where ever they are allowed to, including walking paths between rows in conventional gardens. This puts stress on the plants and forces them to use energy fixing their root systems instead of producing fruit. Also, because the soil is all above the ground, it takes less time in the spring to heat up, and longer to cool down in the winter. This increases our growing season by 3 to 5 weeks every year, which means more veggies for everyone.

We are open to the public every week. Check our Market hours here. We look forward to seeing you at the Farm!

~ Jordan, Bennett, and Adam